Titus Andronicus
How far would you go for revenge? Chaotic, violent and bloody, Titus Andronicus excites and horrifies in this tale of ultimate power leading to ultimate revenge.

Strindberg re-imagined. A stranded Apollo-era astronaut dreams of his wife in the final minutes of his life.
Past Productions
photos courtesy of Anne Peterson & Erlene Hendrix

Persephone Wept.
Motherhood as murder. TV news as judge & jury. Not your parent's Greek mythology.
Letter from Warsaw
In honor of the Holocaust Day of Remembrance,  one woman’s intimate first-hand account of life in the grip of the Holocaust. In conjunction with Opera Theatre.
Written by Thomas Pasatieri, Directed by Charles Stanton
Red Bug
Noh remixed with apocalyptic anime. Cereal boxes bursting with cannibalistic children.

The Death of Thomas Edison

Haunted, hunted. Longing for the light incessantly incandesing.  The light that pulses onward, outward....  

of salvation or of love?